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Learning Sessions

What are Learning Sessions?

Learning Sessions are externally led learning and reflection sequences about key topics of leadership for groups of a maximum of 12 participants. They aim to increase the professionalism of leadership.

Depending on the content and layout, these sequences take between two to four hours. Learning Sessions are, as the name already implies, pure learning settings, in which you focus on the personal development of your leadership capabilities. The key question is: How can I "mature" in my personal leadership style? The "Leadership Impact Model" serves us as a model when considering personal development along maturity levels.

How will participants learn in the Learning Sessions? 

According to the logic of our learning architecture, it all has to do with the immediate implementation of what has been learned/reflected into the daily work routine. Consequently, we systematically begin with the participants' respective work situations, then provide input, and allow space for creating collaborative solutions and action plans.

Very important: Learning Sessions are not "crash courses" in the sense of "learning how to lead in 4 hours".

What will the participants learn in the Learning Sessions?

Learning Sessions allow participants space for learning and reflection in which they can become more aware of the quality of their current leadership capabilities and receive effective recommendations on how to become more professional following concrete topics step by step along the maturity levels.

Current thematic focuses

We currently offer 16 learning sessions. They focus on three main content areas: "Fundamentals of leadership in the future!", "The self-image in the leadership of the future" and "Shaping the quality of cooperation!".



The self-image in the leadership of the future!

1. Take a stand- the competence of walking upright.

2. Hot Button – how do I deal with my emotions in a meaningful way?

3. Role clarification - packing your own backpack properly

4. The goalkeeper's fear of the penalty kick - how managers deal with fears

5. Full Mind or Mindful?

Shaping the quality of cooperation!

6. Without bashing and biting - solving conflicts effectively

7. On the way to becoming a high performance team

8. I'm a sandwich, get me out of here!

9. Becoming more efficient by professional feedback

10. Now I don't know what to do either - leading difficult conversations constructively

11. Logical dialogically!

Fundamentals of leadership in the future!

12. Step by step - a guide to leading into the future

13. Reflection is not just thinking

14. Leading authentically – my value base as a leader

15. Leadership needs followership

16. Decide with conviction - decide convincingly