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Extended Team

Christian Pum Mag.

After studying commercial sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with a focus in marketing, financing and foreign trade, Christian Pum began his career in sales and marketing of machines and systems for the plastics processing industry. For more than 30 years, Christian Pum has held various management positions in global companies in the mechanical engineering and construction supply industry, including more than 15 years as Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director.

Christian Pum has an international network and experience, especially in the plastics processing industry with a focus on automotive, medicine and packaging, but also in the construction industry due to his work as managing director of a large Austrian company in the construction supply industry.

In addition to the strategic and operational management of sales, particularly strategic projects included the realignment of the corporate culture, acquisitions of companies, complete restructuring of the sales organization, development of the e-commerce business, HR transformation project and entry into the Chinese market with local production and a two-brand -Strategy.

Christian Pum is an enthusiastic leader who consistently focuses on sustainably challenging, promoting and developing people with a high degree of authenticity and appreciation.


Christiane Abraham

Christiane Abraham has over 10 years of operational and strategic HR experience in 4 Dax-100 corporations in permanent positions and was herself a manager with leadership responsibility. In her last two positions, she worked as Head of Corporate HR Strategy and in her previous position, she had built up the personnel development department worldwide on her responsibility.

She holds a degree in business law with a major in labor law and human resources management. Due to her many years of experience, she is familiar with the complexity that managers are confronted with daily in terms of HR work. Breaking down this complexity into simple structured HR processes helps to promote and continuously improve communication with one's employees to achieve a positive change in the feedback and trust culture within the company and to pave the way for transformation.

 Christiane's range of services, therefore, includes the development of HR strategies as well as the design and company-wide implementation of well-thought-out and well-functioning operational HR processes based on these strategies. Thanks to her strong consulting skills and strategic approach, she always finds pragmatic solutions for her stakeholders in the dynamic business environment.

 As a certified systemic business coach, Christiane Abraham has coached and accompanied executives and technical experts with management functions in their daily challenges and supported them in their further development. She has also completed a part-time master's degree as a mediator, with a focus on business mediation and intercultural mediation. She uses this knowledge profitably in solving conflicts between managers and team members. Through one-year stays abroad in Spain and Canada, she is also internationally positioned.

 Christiane Abraham works as an HR consultant, systemic business coach, and business mediator in medium-sized companies and corporate groups.


Tobias Habeck MMSc

Working as a self-employed consultant Tobias gained extensive experience (insight/gathered extensive knowledge about?) in project, process and quality management, as well as organizational development. Derived from his insights he grew a comprehensive understanding of the pressures and tensions that organizations as well as individuals are exposed to in order to perform and succeed in today’s market situation of continuous change and transformation. In his projects he targets to provide company and orientation by assisting his customers in transforming and creating customer success and value. In his work he focuses on developing tailor-made solutions, support their implementation and ensure long-term cooperations. Building on a diverse educational foundation consisting of technical, economical, and social topics/knowledge, Tobias offers a wide range of opportunities (for organizations/his customers?) by combining those “different worlds”. In sum, Tobias has passed several professional trainings and works as management consultant, trainer, lecturer, certified project manager, coach, supervisor, DISG® coach, LSP® trainer and court-registered mediator.


His focal areas:

  • Teambuilding & development
  • Conflict management & mediation
  • Facilitator & workshop
  • Coaching & supervision
  • Project management
  • Change management & cultural development
  • Seminars & trainings

Petja Meidlinger

Attitude as a topic in the personal and organizational change processes captured me already in early years. The related issues of sustainable conflict resolution, group dynamic processes, leadership versus leadership, appreciative and open communication, relationship management, transparency, self-efficacy and resilience also inspire me in the most diverse ways.

For the reason that all these topics are closely linked to my own learning process, I have been inspired to work on and with lifelong learning in the context of companies, organizations, schools and universities. My common thread is working with people and the processes that proceed in the background. The human being in focus - as an individual as well as in groups. In situations in which much seems impossible, I would like to provide perspectives on where the journey may continue and support people as well as organizations in their change processes. My seven languages have taken me to different places in the world, where I have lived and experienced how differently cultures deal with these issues, which are relevant for appreciative and sustainable coexistence.

My work in a large corporation, at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, at a high school as well as an additional study program of organization and personnel development and a coaching training support me decisively in accompanying these processes.

Among other things, the following questions inspire me:

  • How can people discover their self-efficacy in order to remain capable of action and solution-oriented - as an individual as well as within a group?
  • To what extent is transparency and role clarity relevant for teamwork and within the overall organization in order to enable constructive collaboration?
  • How can organizational upheavals be shaped in an appreciative and sustainable way?
  • What forms of communication and conflict resolution do we want to work with in an organization or company in order to remain able to work?

Ralf Heyen

Ralf Heyen brings in more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of human resources. As Senior Vice President he has been working for globally operating family businesses and large corporations.

His range of services covers the development of global HR strategies, the establishment and management of global HR organizations, and the management of change and transformation processes. Moreover, since 2021, Ralf Heyen, has been active in the field of executive search with his own consulting company and mainly supports large medium-sized companies and family businesses on filling executive positions at the 1st and 2nd management levels.


Jennifer Ruhfus (BSc.; MSc.)

comes from a very international background. She was born and partly raised in the US, finished school in Germany, graduated with honor in International Business from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and the University of New South Wales, Australia, and finished her post-graduation in Organization Studies from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Next to her academic education she gathered fruitful work experiences in different fields. Her hobbies – team sports, mountaineering, and the outdoors – have led her to the world of consulting and training: five years as an independent process trainer in the outdoor field started her career. This experience, her academic background, her open-mindedness and her professional engagement were the perfect foundation for a consulting career at the Transformation Management GmbH. For two years as part of the core team she was able to work in numerous projects in Leadership, Talent Management and Outdoor Trainings while also driving the organizational development of the company. Now she is still a part of our extended team and supports us in diverse projects.


Marc Heim

After passing the classical studies of psychology and many years of therapeutic practice in the clinical field Marc Heim turned towards business and corporate psychology.

During more than 10 years of self-employment he contributed his competences to national as well as international organizations among other things in the areas of:

  • Management and executive assessment
  • Leadership, team and organizational development
  • Change Management and cultural development
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Coaching and Resource Management
  • Strategic Innovations Management.

Futhermore, with his long and broad experience he assumed the position as Head Corporate Management Development in an international organization. These activities covered the European, Chinese and Indian area. Moreover, with his additional degree in Strategic Innovations Management he successfully completed also Agil Deveopment and Agile Leadership projects.

Following, Marc Heim returned to being self-employed and dedicated himself to focusing on the topic of New Work. In general, it means a lot to Marc Heim to contribute new impetus to economic growth and progress.


Sebastian Wächer

... not only talks about change, but experienced it himself!

One wrong step, whilst hiking, turned Sebastian Wächter's fate. He fell and broke his neck.
Diagnosis: Paraplegia. 95 percent of his muscles are affected. Thus, already at the age of 18, his personal radical change process began.

The accident happened in 2007 - do you want to read on?

Then please click here!


Stefan Hebecker

After finishing his degree in Economic Mathematics, Stefan Hebecker worked as a Senior Consultant at Arthur Andersen for energy supply companies and in the mineral oil industry. For more than 20 years he has had numerous leadership positions in Human Resources Management. Most recently he was responsible for the region of Germany/Austria/Switzerland as the director of Human Resources Management in one of the largest organisations of the mineral oil industry. In addition he was part of several supervisory boards.  

Along side the operational management of the HR department, following focus topics in strategic HR were part of his occupation:  

  • Talent and Succession Management
  • Performance Management
  • HR Organisational Development
  • Transformation and Reorganisation Projects

The close collaboration with the different organisational departments and their heads have always lead to practical and feasible solutions, which have further developed but not overstrained the organisation.


Herbert Taxer

Herbert supports us as a passionate professional mountain guide in almost all outdoor trainings - demanding and deliberate at the same time. Always with a smile on this lips and characterised with a lot of experience he is able to encourage participants, not only to think about nature, but also to reflect upon oneself.