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we empower future readiness
I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught!

Learning Adventure for Business Excellence - LEAVOR ®

„The most plausible realisation must be that learning does not work without emotions, passion and enthusiam." (Heckmair/Michl)

The long-term success of organisations sinks or swims depending on the perspectives, attitudes and competences of those who are responsible for the alignment, structure, processes and culture of the organization.

The higher a person is placed in the hierarchy, the greater is the impact, the wider the scope of decision and ultimately the importance for the organization. Consequently, the increasing complexity of this person's responsibilities goes hand in hand with a volatile and dynamic environment.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a certain attitude and competence in order to act in a future oriented manner, as a manager and within the organization as such. Managers must learn to deal with the unexpected and unanswerable. They must take responsibility and be willing to go out on a limb.

Leaders and managers are not provided with these attitudes and the required competences automatically when announced as such. They must and can be developed.

The core of the Learning Adventure for the Business Excellence Program (Leavor) is the goal-oriented, consistent individual development aimed at personal and collective effectiveness.

Experiential learning is focused movement, development, change, stepping out of one's own comfort zone, irritation, searching and experimenting. It is about leaving behind familiar thought and success patterns. It is about trying out something new and exciting. It is about starting an explorative journey which is interesting and fascinating, where the end appears to be undefined.

The focus of our Learning Adventure concept for future leaders lies on the goal-oriented and effective development of the personal learning process and on the responsibility to develop one's own "Department of Excellence“.