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we empower future readiness
Leadership means inspiring, enabling, inviting

Future Mind®

The dynamic learning environment preparing leaders for the future!

How well do I manage to remain capable of acting in an increasingly dynamic, complex and turbulent environment ...?

To help executives understand this, we have developed a different kind of business simulator ... Future Mind®.

Self-reflection, curiosity, willingness to learn, problem-solving skills, the ability to change and work in a team, as well as personal responsibility are seen in most current studies as the key competency areas of the future.

Future Mind® specifically adresses the development of these competencies.

What is it about?

Future Mind® is a temporary learning organization. Over the time of 3 days, participants build up and operate a company based on the Organizational Excellence Model. The products and services they develop must be accepted and purchased by the market.

The simulator reproduces real business situations in the company and thus makes it possible to directly experience the dynamics of organizational reality. Mindset, behavior, decisions, reactions and their consequences become obvious.

Within a very short time, the participants find themselves in a „foggy square“, and despite this, decisions have to be made and results delivered. Learning "out-of-comfort-zone" becomes a reality.

Cognitive and substantive learning is enriched with concrete personal and emotional elements. A NOT learning is practically impossible.

The specific aspect

"Being ready for the future" does not mean "doing more or slightly differently than before and thus maintaining the familiar." Instead, it involves experiencing and practicing the competencies of the future.

Within the simulator, participants gradually become aware of their personal beliefs, past success patterns, and "taken-for-granted" aspects of daily work, especially their limitations. It's not always comfortable, but it offers incredible opportunities for personal insight and development.

But that's not all. Together with colleagues, they must find and take new, often uncomfortable and unfamiliar paths. It is at this point that true experiential learning begins.

Experimenting, continuous critical reflection—individually and as a team — combined with creative ideas for problem-solving, concrete implementation, and a willingness to fail, start a new attempt, celebrate small successes, share experiences openly and honestly with others, learn from others, and develop increasing sensitivity to the impact and connections of decisions and actions, create a unique learning climate.

Here, the development of "Readiness for the future" becomes possible and real.

The Add - On

When people step out of their comfort zone, they rely on behavioral patterns deeply ingrained within them. The unique learning setting offers a prime opportunity to better understand oneself within a safe space.

Future Mind® capitalizes on this effect by having neutral experts observe each participant throughout the entire duration of the simulator.

During the final phase, participants assess the impact of their behavior themselves.

A more than 20-page feedback report, which combines individual self-assessment with observers' perceptions, provides each participant with an excellent basis for personal development and the design of a personal learning journey. This lays a solid groundwork for "Future Readiness."

A personal 1 to 1.5-hour feedback talk based on the report with one of the observers concludes the Future Mind® program.

It is essential to emphasize that Future Mind® does not focus on right or wrong, good or bad. Instead, it is about recognizing existing strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, and drawing the right personal conclusions from them.

It is an ideal learning field, clearly distinct from traditional learning settings, achieving an entirely new form of impact on all participants.

As numerous feedback from participants shows, Future Mind® is an "incubator" that helps individuals become prepared for the new, unforeseen, and unpredictable.

What participants of the simulator say ...


Future Mind® is designd for individuals who are …

  • Open to new experiences and ready to critically question their own beliefs
  • Resilient and willing to handle challenging situations constructively
  • Truly interested in learning something new and consciously preparing for the future

Target group: Managers, employees from all areas who seriously want to develop and work on themselves in a targeted manner.

Next events, locations, dates

  • Vienna, September 18th - 20th, 2024

For more information, please feel free to contact us at via e-mail.