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What is Talent Management?

Obviously we do not want to keep our specialist competence and experience to ourselves. We have a clear concept of strategic Talent Management; nevertheless we do not offer standardised solutions. In collaboration with our customers we develop the necessary and appropriate building blocks for your Talent Management.  

We have recognised that strategic Succession and Talent Management is primarily concerned with ensuring that  strategic key positions will be filled optimally and sustainably. Ensuring this requires clarity ... 

on ...                                                        in order to ...



The Talent Management Map

A professional Talent Management covers all of the following modules of the Talent Mangement Map:


The current knowledge base in Talent Management includes

  • analyses of the fundamental relevance of Talent Management, which primarily focus on bringing the meaning of the topic to the fore.
  • descriptions of practices how Talent Management in various organisations is used and lived by, often with the quality of glossed over ideals.
  • descriptive explanations of consultants and scientists referring to how Talent Management should be understood, which tools are being used and how Talent Management should actually work.

A qualifiable development of the Talent Management discussion requires

  • a model which makes it possible to compare various realities and qualities of Talent Management. It is all about making Talent Management measurable with a Talent Management Index® (normative, methodological foundation).
  • a valid evaluation of various practices in Talent Management and a benchmark study with best practices (validates the model).
  • a concept of an overall model in Talent Management on the basis of the benchmark results - Talent Management Map.


This is how we work together with our customers in Talent Management:

  • With company internal know-how from our customers and our expertise we design customised and realisable concepts (co-creative collaboration).
  • Together we come to the ideal approach and the appropriate pace in order to clearly identify customers' challenges, to find suitable solutions and to secure sustainable results.
  • Under our supervision, our management and team coaching and our feedback ensure the achievement of qualified results.
  • With selected trainings and seminars about Talent Management and Leadership we keep our customers informed about the current stage of development in other organisations.
  • If required, we also take on operational tasks in Talent Management and project management to initiate the implementation.