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Professor Dr. habil. rer. nat. Roland Weierstall-Pust

Professor Dr. habil. rer. nat. Roland Weierstall-Pust is W3 Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Medical School Hamburg and an internationally recognized expert with extensive publications in the field of stress research. In his many years of working in various post-conflict and crisis regions, he has developed numerous teams and prepared experts from the private and public sectors to work in the most dangerous areas worldwide in order to be able to work effectively and safely in high-risk environments.

Professor Weierstall-Pust is a member of the Triple Nine Society and Mensa and an enthusiastic strategist. He has served in various key positions, including as an expert witness and consultant at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and as Director of Research and Corporate Development for a private hospital group with over 30 locations in Germany.

Professor Weierstall-Pust is an accredited supervisor and licensed psychotherapist in Germany and Switzerland. He runs both a consulting firm and a private practice in the heart of Frankfurt. His work for companies focuses on the development of teams and the development of potential in individuals, with a focus on systemic interactions in interaction with individual personality factors. Professor Weierstall-Pust supports TM AG in specific projects with the person-centered change management approach he has developed.