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Team-Maturity-Check (TMC)®

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Working in teams and groups is not really new. For a long time now, people have been working in semi-autonomous groups in many different areas.

Due to the increasing dynamics and complex environment, the call for agile forms of collaboration alongside their respective quality for teamwork is getting louder and louder.

Effective teamwork ought to help organizations deal more efficiently with new but also old demands, thereby significantly strengthening an organization's ability to act.

Teams, however, are not simply "born" by a management decision and become fully functional immediately.     

The development of an effectively working team, the so-called Business Excellence Team, takes a considerable amount of time and is characterized by a high degree of functional familiarity.       

A high level of functional familiarity is indicated by a healthy balance between openness and appreciation/recognition. Only when such an environment is in place, then a team works effectively at its maximum.  

The Team Maturity Check® is an extremely effective companion on the way to becoming a Business Excellence Team

Based on 12 central team indicators, it is possible to locate the current quality and degree of functional familiarity.

Each team member locates their perceived level of functional familiarity in the graphic and subsequently the Transformation Management Team evaluates the data. Those results are then presented on the basis of meaningful graphs which are used for the targeted further development of the team. 

A workshop facilitated by TMAG is recommended which aims at achieving a uniform understanding of the results and, building on this, to derive relevant options for action to increase the functional familiarity in the team. This process guarantees to attain the desired development in the direction of a Business Excellence Team.