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Empowering Future Readiness
The ability to learn is a skill

Svenja Köhn

Consultant M.Sc.

The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, in ways that make a system's weaknesses irrelevant.(Peter Drucker)


In October 2019, I started my new academic learning journey in the master's program "Organization Studies" at the University of Innsbruck, which eventually led to an equally new professional challenge in the circle of TMAG. As a working student, I got to know the field of activity of these experienced consultants, was soon allowed to get involved in projects and joined the team permanently in October.

I gained my basic understanding of economics and organizational impact at the University of Regensburg with my bachelor's degree in business administration. Since I am convinced of the significance of personnel decisions on organizational success, I chose this area, i.e., human resources, as my focus. In addition, I went beyond the boundaries of my own university and took advantage of the Bavaria-wide offer of the Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB) to gain more knowledge in the field of 'Change Management' and 'Leadership and Communication in a Global world'. And because I am simply hungry for knowledge, I added a course on 'Talent Management' (VHB) to the repertoire after completing my bachelor's degree and already traveling the world.

I also ventured a glimpse into another world before my first degree while working for a big player in Cape Town, South Africa. Changing perspectives and learning to understand how much of our daily behavior and thinking is influenced and shaped by our immediate environment, and furthermore learning a new way of dealing with life and the world from other cultures were my greatest gifts from this experience.

What drives and describes me best is my deep fascination for diversity, complexity and the still unknown. Inner growth emerges from encountering life and so I always look around me awake and attentive, observe and reflect and listen actively and with interest. Mindfulness and attentiveness are my constant companions and tools. The study of "Organization Studies" allowed me to look behind the scenes of the obvious, to dive into an understanding of the world based on the principle of change and transformation, and thereby explained what, for example, standstill and rigidity (can) arise from. At the same time, it offered suggestions and thought palaces, which support in finding solutions and stimulate new ways of thinking.

I draw from a great treasure of collected impressions and experiences and contribute to the TMAG team with ideas and commitment. Development is not something that happens overnight - but accompanied and guided it can work - and for that I am committed with passion and conviction!