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we empower future readiness
Success is all about growing others

Organizational Excellence Expert

Academic Certificate to achieve Future Fitness


  • Organizational understanding to actively meet the challenges of the future – the Organizational Excellence Model
  • Competencies of the future - developing effective leadership behavior in a targeted and future-oriented manner – the Leadership Impact Model
  • Transformation management - shaping and effectively supporting cultural development along the strategic themes 
  • Learning architecture of the future - maintaining the tried and tested, applying the latest neuroscientific findings in the pedagogical/didactic learning context – the LEAVOR formula (LEarning-AdVenture-FOR-Business-Excellence).
referring to H. Rieckmann 2005
referring to H. Rieckmann 2005

You would like to know…

  • which elements are important when targeting to implement a strategically realignment of a company, on an organizational, team, individual and learning architecture design level? As well as what transformation management means in concrete terms?
  • how these key elements must be aligned to manage the challenges of the future in a best possible way– readiness for the future?
  • which central tools should be used, how and in which context?
  • how a State-of-the-Art Transformation Management process must be designed to reach a stepwise and comprehensible integration?
  • which tips and tricks are used in the effective design of transformation management on an individual as well as on a team and an organizational level?
  • which competencies will increase in importance in the future and how these can be developed target-oriented in a leadership context?
  • how this process of competence development can be sustainably and verifiably anchored in the company?
  • ’how learning processes and the overall learning architecture of an organization should be designed to respond to the unpredictable in a prudent and strategic way - surprise competence?

Building on experiences gathered in more than 150 projects in which we applied all those various models in contexts of cultural transformation, we know what is important/required for an optimal “composition” for becoming fit for the future.

Even if we cannot say exactly what the future will be like, some central cornerstones will surely be stable in the future. This fact and including a glance at (current) trends, developments and tendencies form the basis for this program.

Time required: 24 days in total over a period of 9 months


  • academic certificate as Organizational Excellence Expert awarded by the University of Applied Sciences Munich
  • Credit of 10 ECTS credits
  • The International University of Applied Sciences Munich is a state-recognized university with a focus on intercultural study programs in the fields of business, communication and media.

Participation fee:   € 4.800,- (excl. MwSt.) + € 180,- (excl. MwSt.) exam fee

Stipulation of payment: days after receiving the invoice

Contact: Johanna Kesseler,  phone: +41 (78) 610 06 90 e-Mail:

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